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Howard Women Quiz

Our September talk from Catherine Brooks was on "The Advantageous Marriages of the Howards", so for this week's quiz I thought I'd test your knowledge of these marriages in this Howard Women quiz.

All the answers can be found in Catherine's excellent talk at

Good luck!


#1. Elizabeth Howard, mother of Queen Anne Boleyn, was the daughter of .....

#2. Edmund Howard's wife, mother of Queen Catherine Howard, was ......

#3. Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk's first wife was ......

#4. The second wife of Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk, was Elizabeth Stafford, but who was his mistress while he was married to her?

#5. True or false: Elizabeth Stafford wrote to Thomas Cromwell detailing the domestic abuse to which Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk had subjected her?

#6. True or false: Sir John Howard the First married Joan of Cornwall, who was descended from King Richard I?

#7. Thomas Howard, Earl of Surrey, son of John Howard, 1st Duke of Norfolk, married a wealthy widow who had a lifetime interest in 12 manors - who was she?

#8. Sir John Howard IV's only surviving child, Elizabeth, married this man, causing the Howard family to lose their estates to this other family.

#9. True or false - In 1546, following his arrest, Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk's wife and daughter gave evidence to the Crown against him?

#10. Mary Howard, daughter of Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk married.....


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Howard Women Quiz