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Holy Week and Easter Quiz

As Holy Week starts today I thought it was appropriate to have a fun quiz testing your knowledge of how this week was commemorated in medieval and Tudor times. I hope you enjoy this little quiz - good luck!

Holy Week and Easter Quiz

Q1) Palm Sunday is the ...................... Sunday in Lent.





Q2) Tudors processed with palm leaf crosses on Palm Sunday - true or false?



Q3) Palm Sunday crosses could be taken home and placed over the doorway to protect the family from misfortune and witchcraft. What was another use for them?

They were burned to make ashes for the next year's Ash Wednesday ceremony.

They were burned on Easter Sunday to symbolise Christ's death and resurrection.

They were burned and scattered on fields of crops to bless the fields for a good harvest.

They were used to decorate the church on Easter Sunday.

Q4) What was the name of the sun-shaped receptacle which contained the consecrated Host and which was carried around the fields to bless the harvest in rural communities at this time?

A solar chalice

A solar cope

A solar ciboria

A solar monstrance

Q5) On which day of Holy Week was it customary for the monarch to wash the feet of poor people and to give alms?

Palm Sunday

Maundy Thursday

Good Friday

Easter Sunday

Q6) On Good Friday, people would attend the church ceremony known as ............

The Passion

The guarding of the sepulchre

Creeping to the Cross

Sealing the tomb

Q7) In churches during Lent, a Lent veil would hide the chancel from the nave and cloths would cover the lectern and altars. These cloths and veils symbolised the hiding of the way to salvation. On which day of Holy Week was this veil taken down?


Maundy Thursday

Good Friday

Easter Sunday

Q8) The Easter Sepulchre was prepared on Good Friday. What did it contain?

The 3 holy oils - the chrism oil, the oil of catechumens and the oil of the sick

The consecrated host and an image of Christ

The Lenten veil and a cross

A chalice of holy water

Q9) When did the fasting of Lent end?

Good Friday

Maundy Thursday

Easter Sunday

Palm Sunday

Q10) What does Maundy Thursday commemorate?

The Last Supper

Christ's entry into Jerusalem

Peter's betrayal of Christ

Christ's crucifixion

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Holy Week and Easter Quiz