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Hever Chat – Facebook Live Video

For those who missed Claire Ridgway's Friday Facebook talk, it was a lot of fun and if you're able to join us for the next one please do! In this video, Claire tells us about the adventure she had before getting on stage to talk to a sold-out audience at Hever Castle. The torrential rainstorms were unbelievable! Here's the recording for those who missed the Facebook live event.

By the way, we plan to get the video of the actual talk onto the site for members very soon - just waiting on Hever to send over the raw footage to us.

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  1. M

    Thank you! Michelle t

  2. L

    Although I had already seen this facebook talk, I decided to watch it again. So pleased I did. It is always lovely to see you Claire and I never tire of listening to your talks and hearing the interesting questions and anecdotes of others. I look forward to when you and Tim receive a copy from Hever of the actual talk that you and Owen gave at the Festival Theatre at Hever Castle during your book launch. That will indeed be wonderful to view. I believe you are waiting for raw footage to arrive from Hever. I’m sure Tim will sort that out for us all to enjoy. I also hope that you are feeling much better now Claire and are much rested! Take care and “thank you” – from Lyndell Prewett (Victoria, Australia)

  3. L

    Further to my previous post, have watched the much anticipated video from Hever. Just fabulous! Wonderful! “Thank you” .. 💓👑👍 Lyndell P.

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Hever Chat – Facebook Live Video