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Henry VIII and his men – Tracy Borman – Expert Talk

This month we have a wonderful expert talk from historian Tracy Borman. Tracy is the curator of Hampton Court Palace and a well-known author of Tudor history books. In this talk, she takes us through the life of Henry VIII and the men who surrounded him at each stage of his life. It's a fascinating perspective on such a key member of the Tudor Dynasty.

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  1. R

    Thanks for this wonderful talk, it’s really insightful as to how two different perspectives can come about the same person. Henry’s courtiers were not blind to his faults but they saw them in a very different light to his wives and they probably blamed his wives for his problems.

    It’s the faithfulness of Charles Brandon that I admire the most, Henry’s real friend.

  2. C

    I totally agree about primary sources. They’re totally addictive. I have thousands of books now, so although they are expensive, quality is more important to me than quantity. Having said that some of the secondary sources are coming up with new stuff even now. (That’s a back handed compliment).

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Henry VIII and his men – Tracy Borman – Expert Talk