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Hampton Court Palace

This month, Philippa Brewell, our roving reporter, has been to Hampton Court Palace. As you'll probably know, this palace belonged to Thomas Wolsey, who then gave it to Henry VIII. You'll learn lots from this roving report tour, I certainly did. Have you been to Hampton Court Palace? Why not tell us about your favourite part in the comments.

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  1. M

    Hampton Court and Hever Castle are both on my bucket list! I was in London for only a couple of days a few years back, and was only afforded a brief visit to The Tower and a longer visit to Westminster Abbey and Windsor Castle. One day, I WILL make a Tudor Society Anne Boleyn tour!
    Thank you Philippa and Claire. I can’t wait to meet you in the near future!

  2. R

    Hampton Court in 2009 for the 500 years of Henry Viii went three times and again in 2012 visited. One of the tapestries was in a separate room and they used ultra violet light to put the colours back in so you could see how it would look originally. Dazzling. Some rooms were opened that are not normally open. I could just gaze at that ceiling all day, jaw dropping. Those carpenters did a great job. The roundals were not covered. The chapel is my favourite part.

  3. R

    There was also a kitchen demonstrations when we were there. They created the kitchen as it was, dressed up as the staff and explained everything to you. A wonderful experience.

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Hampton Court Palace