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Grimsthorpe Castle – Sarah Bryson

Sarah Bryson talks about her visit to Grimsthorpe Castle in Lincolnshire. She had a wonderful time visiting the castle and found some remnants of its Tudor past. This video is the third of four in her series on Tudor castles.

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  1. R

    Hi Sarah, all the best of the festival season to you and yours. When we went to Grimsthorpe it was magnificent weather and the visit was fantastic. I fell in love, so we visited twice more as we were just down the road. I was impressed by the front and Brandons range, although some information in the exhibition there pointed out that there was a number of maintenance problems that arose, including collapsing drains and stones as he threw the place up and cut corners. The portrait gallery was very impressive and the gardens. I also loved the eighteenth century Blue Chinese oriental room and the Great hall. When we went they had a Tudor music group playing old instruments and singing which was lovely and although you could not take photos, I asked and they let me take a couple of the group and from the gallery. I also loved Tatteshall and the tapestries especially. Thanks for a lovely film and talk. Happy New Year.

    1. S

      Thank you so much for your kind words RealTudorLady! Unfortunately the internal structure of Grimsthorpe is very different to how it would have been in Brandon’s day but it really was wonderful to walk through the halls! xx

  2. E

    Hello Sarah. Thank you so much for another lovely talk. I especially enjoyed the clip of the back façade of the building, accompanied by the atmospheric music. I enjoyed watching that bit several times! I found all the history about William Willoughby, Maria de Salinas, Catherine and Charles Brandon so fascinating. Poor Charles Brandon if that is true that Henry stayed in the lavish tents outside! Now that I know about its history I am looking forward to visiting Grimsthorpe Castle and seeing all those portraits. I have added it to my list of places to visit! Thank you so much. xx

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Grimsthorpe Castle – Sarah Bryson