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Good news for Bosworth Battlefield (at the moment)

The result of the Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council's planning committee regarding plans to build a driverless car track on part of Bosworth Battlefield is great news for those of us who objected to the plans.

Dan Martin, reporting on the meeting on Leicestershire Live, reported that councillors voted 12 to 2 to defer on a decision tonight. This was following Councillor Stuart Bray's proposal to defer a decision. Dan Martin wrote:

"Committee member Stuart Bray says this is one of the most difficult planning applications he has ever debated. He says MIRA is a world leader in its field but the battlefield is of huge historic significance. He wants a deferral. He says it cannot be ‘beyond the wit of MIRA’ to come up with a plan that does not affect the battlefield. It’s a balancing exercise. He wants a rethink. He says MIRA are should be able to deliver for the future without wrecking the past."

While this is not the best news that we could have hoped for, I believe that a deferral is good news. It allows time for more people to air their objections and for the planning committee to take on board the objections of historians who know just how significant this piece of land is.

Thank you to all those who took the time to object and to share news of these plans. If you haven't already done so, please sign the petition at


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  1. R

    This went viral on Twitter and there were hundreds of objections, now at least they are reconsidering and there is a petition at Keeping up the pressure will hopefully get this shelved completely. I would have loved to see the Inbox this morning at the numbers of emails as well as their faces as they saw all of those historians and ordinary people sending their objections and voicing concerns. I bet it was a real shock. Well at least it is good news for now. Good for all who did their bit.

    1. C - Post Author

      It went viral on Facebook too and it’s wonderful that so many people objected and signed the petition. It was interesting following the planning committee meeting live and I was so relieved when they deferred the decision. Still lots of work to do!

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Good news for Bosworth Battlefield (at the moment)