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General Tudor History Quiz

Clear the cobwebs and get that brain working with this fun Tudor history quiz!

General Tudor History Quiz

Q1) In 1542, after the execution of Katherine Howard, this man suggested that ambassadors use their influence to promote a reconciliation with Anne of Cleves.

Thomas Cromwell

Duke of Cleves

Eustace Chapuys

Thomas Cranmer

Q2) Marie Stuart became Queen of Scotland when her father, King James V, died. Who was queen consort in England at the time of the Scottish King's death?

Katherine of Aragon

Katherine Parr

Katherine Howard

None of the above

Q3) King Henry VIII was married six times but how many times was Francis I, King of France, married?



Three times

Four times

Q4) Who said of Henry VIII: "“I do not say that I have always borne towards the King the humility which I owed him"?

Katherine Howard

Thomas More

Thomas Cromwell

Anne Boleyn

Q5) Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey (and poet) wrote a sonnet about this girl who later married Sir Anthony Browne. Who was she?

Elizabeth Fitzgerald

Anne Savage

Anne Bassett

Elizabeth Scrope

Q6) Anne Savage is one of a handful of people that were present at the secret marriage of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. She married Sir Thomas, Lord Berkeley, in 1533 as his second wife. Berkeley's first wife was the daughter of Anne Stafford and George Hastings,1st Earl of Huntingdon, what was her name?

Elizabeth Hastings

Anne Hastings

Mary Hastings

Katherine Hastings

Q7) Henry VIII's good friend William Compton died in June 1528 - what did he die of?




Sweating sickness

Q8) Henry VIII had a son with Catherine of Aragon in January 1511, how long did he live for?

32 days

52 days

42 days

62 days

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General Tudor History Quiz