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Expert Talk – Thomas More by Stephanie Mann

This month's amazing Expert Talk is by Stephanie Mann, author of Supremacy and Survival: How Catholics Endured the English Reformation. Her topic, one which is clearly close to her heart, is Thomas More, a fascinating man who it turns out we really don't know as much about as we should.

Prepare to learn about St. Thomas More ...

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  1. L

    To have a live chat about Thomas More is brilliant. I’ve read one or two books about him and he’s definitely a interesting man , but do I like him? I’m not sure. So count me in for his months talk

    1. S

      I didn’t ask anyone to like him, just to know more about him! We’ll schedule and announce the chat soon. Thank you!

  2. B

    Delightful! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Stephanie! Excellent!

    1. S

      Thank you, Beth!

  3. B

    I am curious whether there is any symbolism at all to the fact that Saint Thomas More and Saint John Cardinal Fisher were canonized on May 19, 1935, the anniversary of the execution of Queen Anne Boleyn. Stephanie discusses the symbolism of the date of beautification (the feast day of Saint Thomas Becket). Also the feast day for More and Fisher is the anniversary of the execution of Fisher, June 22 , but with 365 days in a year, choosing May 19th seems hardly coincidental. Any thoughts on this?

  4. L

    Hi Stephaine, I didn’t mean to offend so count me out on this months chat

    1. C

      I don’t think Stephanie was offended by your comment and I don’t think her comment was meant to offend you either. Please do come to the live chat, Lynne, they’re always fun and educational.

    2. S

      No offense taken! Just wanted to clarify my intentions in my presentation.

  5. L

    I certainly think that the term “A man for all seasons” does seem to be an apt description of Thomas More, as well as being a very good film.

  6. L

    Hopefully in the near future we could have another expert talk about Thomas More for us poor Europeans you can’t make make it. I know I’m laying it on a bit heavy , but I’m sorry to miss chat which which I would find informative and enjoyable. What do you think Claire? 🙂 🤓

    1. A - Post Author

      Hi Lynne, Thanks for your comment. I’m sorry, but this time the live chat talk didn’t work out at a good time for those of us in Europe. Timezones are a pain. You can see the transcript of the live chat here:
      As I say, we normally try to get the talk at a time when people from the US and Europe can enjoy them, but it didn’t work out this time. Really sorry.
      Remember that you can always send us questions to ask in advance and we can ask them on your behalf.

  7. S

    I just this evening listened to Stephanie Mann’s chat about Thomas More. I found it very interesting and informative since my knowledge about him is scant. Utopia is going on my reading list, and I’m sure I read it in college but remember little after all these years. I’m having a great time reading books and biographies about the people I learn more about here.

  8. R

    Interesting talk, many thanks from someone who knows about Thomas More and not the fictional portraits we see on the BBC, which distorted the character of a great scholar and humanist.

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Expert Talk – Thomas More by Stephanie Mann