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Elizabeth I Armada Portrait Quiz

As there is currently a campaign to save one version of this painting, and there's been a recent Claire Chats video on it, plus an 11-page report by Melanie V. Taylor, I thought it would be fun to test your knowledge of it. Good luck!

Elizabeth I Armada Portrait

Q1) Which Tudor courtier's family are currently selling a version of the Elizabeth I Armada Portrait, sparking a campaign to save it and put it on public display ?

Sir Walter Ralegh

Sir Francis Drake

Sir John Hawkins

William Adams

Q2) If the campaign to save the Tyrwhitt-Drake Armada portrait is successful, where will it be displayed?

Royal Museums Greenwich

The National Portrait Gallery

Windsor Castle

The National Gallery

Q3) How much do the Art Fund and Royal Museums Greenwich estimate that they need to raise to buy the painting?

£5 million

£15 million

£10 million


Q4) How many surviving versions of the Armada Portrait are there?





Q5) What's the main difference between the NPG version and the other two?

It's in a "portrait" (vertical) format

Elizabeth I is facing the other way

Elizabeth I is depicted as much older

Elizabeth I is not wearing pearls

Q6) Who painted the original Armada portrait?

Nicholas Hilliard

Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger

Unknown artist

George Gower

Q7) One window depicts the arrival of the Armada, what does the other window depict?

Elizabeth I in armour

The fire ships

Sir Francis Drake

The defeat of the Armada

Q8) A globe is featured in the painting, on which part of the world does Elizabeth I's hand rest?


The Americas


The English Channel

Q9) What is carved on the arm of the chair in the painting?

A mermaid

A pelican

A phoenix

A falcon

Q10) How old would Elizabeth I have been when the portrait was painted?





You can find out more about the painting in my Claire Chats video and Melanie's report.

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Elizabeth I Armada Portrait Quiz