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December Tudor History Events Quiz

Test your knowledge on events that took place in the month of December during the Tudor period, or related to the Tudor period, in today's fun quiz.

The answers can all be found on the Tudor Society website (if you get stuck). Good luck!


#1. This bishop, who died while under house arrest on 31st December 1559, annoyed Elizabeth I by elevating the host at Christmas 1558.

#2. Where did Jasper Tudor, Duke of Bedford and Earl of Pembroke, die on 21st December 1495?

#3. Thomas Culpeper and Francis Dereham were tried here on 1st December 1541 during the fall of Catherine Howard.

#4. This young King of France died from complications after an ear infection on 5th December 1560.

#5. Rebel leader Robert Kett was hanged here on 7th December 1549.

#6. Elizabeth I moved from this property to Whitehall on 23rd December 1558.

#7. On 24th December 1545, Henry VIII chastised the Lords, Commons and clergy for their religious divisions, saying "Some be too stiff in their old mumpsimus, other be too busy and curious in their new ....".

#8. Merchant-tailor Richard Hunne was found hanged in his cell on 4th December 1514. He was a ....

#9. Lady Anne Mowbray, whose remains were found on 11th December 1964 on an East London building site, was the child bride of ....

#10. Brian Darcy, who died on Christmas Day 1587, was a famous .....


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December Tudor History Events Quiz