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Danny Dyer and Thomas Cromwell

In last night's episode of "Who do you think you are?", Eastenders actor Danny Dyer found out that he has royal blood and that he's descended from Thomas Cromwell through Cromwell's son Gregory. It's a wonderful episode. I do love Danny Dyer, he's so down to earth!

Anyway, I downloaded the episode from YouTube for you:

Low Resolution Download: RIGHT CLICK HERE and select "Save as..."

You'll notice that Tracy Borman shows Danny a miniature of Gregory Cromwell and that identification is down to the hard work of my dear friend and Tudor Society member Teri Fitzgerald. Click here to read more about Teri's work.

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  1. M

    This gave me chills!!!

  2. R

    I only caught the end of this, which showed his line back to Lionel Duke of Clarence, through the Mortimer and Wentworth, Seymour Cromwell connection to the crown, the Second son of Edward iii. This was a superior line to the House of Lancaster and House of Tudor from John of Gaunt, so perhaps if the mtdDNA from Richard iii and Y Chromosome male gene prove in the future that a parental accident stems from the father of Gaunt, we could ask Danny Dyer to take the throne lol. O.K not really as the Act of Settlement put the Queens ancestors on the throne…and there are other claims, but it would certainly make an interesting change. As an ordinary person he would certainly understand what people need and not be so pompous as the present monarchy. Incidentally it was the Mortimer claim, through his mother that gave Richard, Duke of York, father of Richard iii, Edward iv and George of Clarence, his superior claim to the crown.

    Thanks for uploading the video, looking forward to watching.

  3. A

    I’ve never liked Danny Dyer find him very overrated as an actor and his accent grates on me. Now I dislike him even more from jealously of his ancestry! Makes me want to find out mine but don’t have the time and probably nothing intresting :((

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Danny Dyer and Thomas Cromwell