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A contemporary image of Anne Boleyn

This week's Claire Chats video has been inspired by a debate that's been happening online over an image from The Black Book of the Garter which Roland Hui believes to be of Anne Boleyn.

Note: My frustration and critical comments are aimed entirely at the anonymous author's way of disputing Roland's claims. Beth von Staats and are not responsible for that as it was published on the website in good faith and QAB is a collaborative site. It is the author who has been dishonest, misleading and unprofessional.

Images from The Black Book:

Gable hoods:

Dress similar to the one worn by the Queen in the Black Book:

The seating plan for Anne Boleyn's coronation feast:

Sources and futher reading

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  1. R

    Hello Claire and Tim,

    Thank you for putting together this video presentation. It encapsulates the debate over the ‘Lady of the Garter’ image very well.

    What I appreciate is that interesting new observations beyond my own are being made – for example Claire’s comment that the lady is wearing royal ermine, and Lucy Churchill’s about the imperial crown. As well, while I myself had never brought up the pregnancy issue in my original article, it is well worth considering.

    It is by such input that we can get a better understanding of this image.

    Roland Hui

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A contemporary image of Anne Boleyn