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Christmas time at Hever Castle

It's been a crazy crazy week! Tim and I flew to the UK on Wednesday to do some special filming at Hever Castle for an announcement that I will be sharing with you soon, and we flew back early Thursday. Talking about a flying visit!

Hever Castle is always stunning, but I've never seen it at Christmas, and this Christmas they've gone all out with Christmas decorations and lights. It's so very pretty. So, for this week's video, I thought I'd share with you the beauty of Hever Castle at Christmas. And, yes, that is me talking to you in the dark. I didn't want to take away from the Christmas lights by having any lighting on me!

Find out more about Hever Castle Christmas events and opening times at

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    Oh, wow! It’s beautiful! Can’t wait to hear your announcement, looking forward to it. Thanks for sharing. Michelle t

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Christmas time at Hever Castle