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The lead-up to Christmas can be a very exciting time but it can also drag, particularly when you've got rather excited children at home or work has finished for the holiday. I decided that it might help members to collate some links of Tudor themed pastimes to help keep you and/or your children occupied. So, here you are and please feel free to add ideas in the comments section.


See my Claire Chats video on Indoor Tudor Games - click here or use these links for ideas, instructions and templates:

Paper Dolls

To make paper dolls of Henry VIII's six wives, simply go to, choose the wife you want and then print out the dolls to dress and doll clothes images.

Tudor Colouring Pages

Colouring in is meant to be relaxing, isn't it, but it's also something to keep the children busy while indoctrinating them at the same time. Find colouring pages to print out at:


Fancy adding some traditional Tudor and Elizabethan foods and drink to your own Christmas traditions? Here are some recipes to help you and you can also check out the December issue of Tudor Life magazine for more and, of course, my Claire Chats video on Lambswool/Wassail.


There are lots of videos on this website, from my weekly Claire Chats videos on lots of different Tudor topics, to expert talks and documentaries. Click on the links below to browse the categories:

Magazines and Quizzes

And don't forget to catch up on your reading with our archives of past issues of Tudor Life magazine - click here or have fun with the archives of weekly quizzes - click here.

Phew! That should keep you busy!

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  1. R

    Last night I saw a documentary on BBC Four which I very much recommend called The Truth About Christmas Carols which is about the evolution of how carols came from the streets into the church as we know them today, the way they were more or less for community singing, not sacred worship and how they moved into churches very slowly during the late eighteenth century and the nineteenth century and it was popular singers who kept them alive when they were banned. It is presented by Howard Goodall but I think he also used many experts, including Ronald Hutton as he explored the history of our carols.

    Happy Christmas to everyone.

    1. C - Post Author

      I love Ronald Hutton, he’s always wonderful on the Tudor farm/Victorian Farm etc. series. I’d also highly recommend his book “Stations of the Sun”, it’s an excellent read. I’ll have to see if I can find that programme on catchup, thanks RTL!

  2. M

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