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Behind the Scenes at the Tudor Society

This week something a little different - Tim is taking us behind the scenes at Tudor Society headquarters.

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  1. M

    Well that’s fascinating! So much work involved. For anyone who doesn’t get the quarterly printed book, I highly suggest you do. It’s chock full of expert information, medieval recipes, book reviews, and lots of pictures. I love receiving it! I was googling Anne Boleyn back in 2008 or 2009 (can’t remember exactly when) during lunch one day at work and got a hit on The Anne Boleyn Files. That’s how I found you, and I’ve stuck around ever since. Thanks for all you do to bring history to us!

  2. C

    Gosh, do you and Claire ever sleep, Tim? That was a wonderful look into what you do for us. At 74 years old I have only one sadness, that I didn’t find you site years ago. You both are a blessing to all the members and bring such joy in learning to us. Thanks.

  3. L

    Well! That was fascinating Tim. Thank you so much for taking us behind the scenes. I had no idea what went into all of this. Obviously a full-time job. Practically 24/7. Thankfully, you, Claire and the whole Tudor ‘team’ love what you do. I really don’t think you could all do it, if you didn’t.
    Being relatively new to the Society, this is the FIRST Friday video I’ve watched. Fortuitous for me as I learnt so much. Not only about how it all happens but what to expect and what to look for. The rest will be up to me! Again “thank you Tim”.

  4. H

    Thank you Tim for a very informative video. nice to see the “inner workings”. I have been a member for years and am always awed by the information.

  5. T

    I was wondering if there was anyway I could receive the tudor magazine by mail. Sometimes I have a hard time reading it cause of my eyesight is getting bad. Theresa Laux, 157 Cottage Ave, Cottage Hills, Illinois USA

  6. T

    Oh, zipcode is 62018! Sorry.

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Behind the Scenes at the Tudor Society