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Artists in the Spotlight – Sharon

This week we are putting the spotlight on Sharon from Pennsylvania in the U.S. She is 64 years old and and makes stunning oil paintings from the Tudors.

Portrait of Henry VIII

When did you start making art?
"I began painting in the early 80's doing mostly landscapes. During my career as a nurse, I became too busy and didn't paint for many years and decided to get back to painting in 2015. I've only started doing portrait painting within the last 3 years."

Where does your interest in the Tudors come from and how did it start?
"Quite a few years ago I picked up a book on Henry VIII and I was immediately hooked. I couldn't get enough. I now have quite an extensive library (non fiction only) starting with King Edward III."

What inspired you to make oil paintings of the Tudors?
"Hans Holbein. I'm a huge fan of Holbein and though I'll never reach that level of artistic talent, I love the challenge I get from doing a Holbein study."

Portrait of Jane Seymour

Who is your favorite Tudor monarch and why?
"Queen Elizabeth I. Her strength and determination are such an inspiration."

What is your favorite oil painting you have made?
"Vermeer's 'The Girl With The Pearl Earring'."

How long does it take to make an oil painting?
"Depending on the size and if I'm doing several layers, it takes me 4 to 6 weeks per painting."

How do you make your artworks and what is the process?
"Once I find a photo or painting I'd like to do, I study it. I study the shapes and colors and this also helps me to decide what brushes and colors I'll use. I prep my canvas with thinned burnt or raw umber and after that's dry, I start the painting with the large shapes. It takes quite a while before actually getting to the details."

Portrait of Anne of Cleves

Which oil paintings of the Tudors are you currently working on?
"I'm currently working on Katherine Howard and Katherine Parr. I have plans to do Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Mary, Thomas More, Thomas Cromwell and Cardinal Wolsey. "

Want to see more of Sharon's paintings? You can follow her on Facebook.

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Artists in the Spotlight – Sharon