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Anne of Cleves Quiz

Yesterday was the anniversary of the death of Anne of Cleves on 16th July 1557, so I thought it would be good to mark the occasion with an Anne of Cleves themed quiz. How much do you know about this Tudor queen consort? Test yourself with this fun quiz.

Anne of Cleves

Q1) In which year was Anne of Cleves born?





Q2) Anne of Cleves was Henry VIII's .................... wife.





Q3) Where did Henry VIII's first disastrous meeting with Anne take place?





Q4) Anne married Henry VIII on 6th January 1540, but where did the couple get married?

Hampton Court Palace

Greenwich Palace

Whitehall Palace

Eltham Palace

Q5) Anne's wedding ring was engraved with the words.......

Love must be sincere

The Lord is my strength

God is love

God send me well to keep

Q6) On the 7th July 1540 a convocation of clergy agreed that “the king and Anne of Cleves were no wise bound by the marriage solemnised between them..." due to three factors, what were they? Choose three of the following.

Lack of consummation

The betrothal between Anne and Francis of Lorraine

Consanguinity in the third degree

Henry's lack of consent to the marriage

Q7) In 1541 a rumour circulated about Anne of Cleves, what was it?

That Anne had given birth to a son fathered by the King

That Anne had taken a lover

That Anne was referring to herself as Queen Anne

That Anne was trying to flee England

Q8) At New Year 1541 what did Anne of Cleves give to the King as a New Year's present?

Two dogs

Two horses

A ruby ring

A water fountain

Q9) Which of these properties was Anne granted as part of the annulment settlement?

Framlingham Castle

Penshurst Place

Hever Castle

Kenilworth Castle

Q10) Where was Anne of Cleves buried following her death on 16th July 1557?

Peterborough Cathedral

Westminster Abbey

St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle

St Peter ad Vincula, Tower of London

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Anne of Cleves Quiz