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May 12 – An innocent baron is charged with treason, an obstinate friar, and Martin Luther is proclaimed a heretic

On this day in Tudor history, 12th May 1537, John Hussey, a Northern baron, was charged with treason even though he was innocent and had actually done the opposite of what he was accused.

Poor man! Find out what happened to John Hussey, Baron Hussey...

For more details, watch my video on Thomas Darcey and John Hussey at

On this day in 1538, a Franciscan friar obstinately refused to make a public recantation of his allegiance to Rome.

Friar John Forest had been condemned for heresy and was meant to abjure his faith at St Paul's Cross, but he decided not to. Find out more about what happened...

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Also on this day in Tudor history, 12th May 1521, reformer Martin Luther was proclaimed a heretic by Bishop John Fisher and Cardinal Thomas Wolsey at St Paul's in London, and his works were burned.

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