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A pope kind to Jews, a Catholic martyr, an Elizabethan actor and a bishop supporting the Welsh

In the second part of This week in Tudor history, I talk about Giovanni di Lorenzo de' Medici, who became Pope Leo X in 1513 and who was known as a patron of the Arts and his generosity to Jews, Christopher Bales, a Catholic priest and martyr from Elizabeth I’s reign; Richard Burbage, an Elizabethan actor who was friends with William Shakespeare, and Arthur Bulkeley, a Tudor bishop who supported reform and the use of the Welsh language in sermons.

The videos is split into the following chapters:

00:00 - Introduction
00:27 - 11 March 1513
03:30 - 12 March 1564
05:49- 13 March 1619
11:40 - 14 March 1554
13:08 - Cats...

11th March 1513 - Giovanni di Lorenzo de' Medici was proclaimed Pope Leo X.

12th March 1564 - The baptism of Roman Catholic priest and martyr Christopher Bales.

13th March 1619 - Death of Elizabethan actor, friend of William Shakespeare and theatre builder, Richard Burbage.

14th March 1553 - Death of Arthur Bulkeley, Bishop of Bangor, at his home in Bangor.

Other Tudor history events for these dates:

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