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9 December – Agnes Tilney, Catherine Howard’s step-grandmother, was detained and Sir Edward Neville was beheaded.

In this day in Tudor history, 9th December 1541, sixty-four-year-old Agnes Tilney, the Dowager Duchess of Norfolk and step-grandmother of Queen Catherine Howard, who was being detained at the Lord Chancellor's home, was questioned regarding the location of her money and jewels.

Why? What was all this about?

Find out about this, why the dowager duchess ended up in the Tower, and what happened when she was indicted for misprision of treason, in this talk...

Also on this day in Tudor history, 9th December 1538, courtier and gentleman of the privy chamber, Sir Edward Neville, was beheaded on Tower Hill.

He had been condemned to death for treason, accused of conspiring against the king in the Exeter Conspiracy of 1538, along with members of the Pole family.

He was also accused of saying "The King is a beast and worse than a beast", which is not a wise thing to be overheard saying in Tudor England.

Find out more about Neville's life and downfall in this video...

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