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8 January

Time for another of my "on this day in Tudor history videos"! I do hope you're enjoying them. I thought they'd be a change from my usual "this week in history" posts. By the way, if you don't want the audio turned on or you prefer to read, you can switch on CC (closed captions/subtitles) by clicking on the settings 'cog' icon. The subtitles aren't perfect but they're pretty good.

You can subscribe to the Anne Boleyn Files and Tudor Society YouTube channel by clicking on the red "subscribe" button at, that way, you will be notified when new videos are added to the channel, although I will be posting my "on this day" ones here.

Here is today's video:

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  1. S

    Hi Claire,

    Just wanted to say a big thank you for taking the time to do these ‘On this day’ videos. Much appreciated.


  2. L

    Enjoyed the video Claire with my coffee and cake

  3. M

    Thanks, Claire! Interesting. I’m sure Eustace Chapyus would have written an account if she did. Michelle t

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8 January