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5 August – Rebels defeated near Exeter

On this day in Tudor history, 5th August 1549, during the reign of King Edward VI, son of King Henry VIII, the Battle of Clyst St Mary took place near Exeter, in Devon. It was part of the Prayer Book Rebellion, a rebellion against the religious measures of King Edward's government.

I explain what provoked this rebellion and what happened when the Crown's forces got to Clyst St Mary on this day in 1549.

Also on this day in history:

  • 1503 – Death of Sir Reynold (Reginald) Bray, administrator in the reign of Henry VII. He served the King as Chancellor of the duchy of Lancaster, Treasurer of England and Treasurer for war. Some say that he was an architect and designed Henry VII's Chapel in Westminster Abbey, St George's Chapel in Windsor Castle, where he is buried, and Great Malvern Priory. He definitely funded their building.
  • 1532 – Death of Sir Nicholas Harvey, diplomat, at Ampthill, Bedfordshire. He was buried in Ampthill Church where his memorial brass can still be seen.
  • 1551(5th or 6th August) – Death of Henry Holbeach, Bishop of Lincoln, at Nettleham.
  • 1600 – Deaths of John Ruthven, 3rd Earl of Gowrie, and his brother, Alexander Ruthven, Master of Ruthven, at Gowrie House near Perth. The brothers were killed as they tried to kidnap James VI. They were posthumously found guilty of treason on 15th November 1600 and their bodies hanged, drawn and quartered in Edinburgh.
  • 1601 – Burial of Henry Norris, 1st Baron Norris of Rycote, courtier, diplomat and son of Sir Henry Norris, one of the men executed for alleged adultery with Queen Anne Boleyn. Norris was buried at the chapel at Rycote in Oxfordshire.

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  1. M

    Was that the same John Russell who hosted Lady Rochford in 1542 to get her well before her execution?

  2. R

    This was a brutal end to the Western and Prayer Book Rebellions with something like 8000 or more being killed.

    Today the Book of Common Prayer is very popular and very much celebrated but here we have the ordinary people rising up and demanding everything as it was in the time of King Henry. The changes had caused a terrible rumble and obviously people were used to the old ways of worship and the new book wasn’t accepted. The Battle which followed took a terrible toll and more fighting was to come.

  3. R

    Love your pretty lights.

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5 August – Rebels defeated near Exeter