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30 November – York remembers Robert Aske

Thank you so much to Kate Cartwright for alerting me to this news. On Friday 30th November, between 11am and 12.30pm, the Bishop of Middlesbrough, the Rt Rev Terence Drainey, is going to be unveiling a plaque in honour of Robert Aske, a lawyer who was one of the leaders of the Pilgrimage of Grace Rebellion of 1536, outside Clifford's Tower in York.

Aske was executed by being hanged in chains outside Clifford's Tower, the keep of York Castle, on 12th July 1537 - click here to read more.

The plaque for Robert Aske has been arranged by York Civic Trust and the Knights of St Columba.

Do let us know if you attend this ceremony.

Source: The York Press

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30 November – York remembers Robert Aske