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26 February – Christopher Marlowe

On this day in Tudor history, 26th February 1564, Christopher Marlowe was baptised in Canterbury.

Kit Marlowe wasn’t only a gifted poet and playwright, he was one of Tudor England’s colourful characters and there is controversy over his life, his works, his faith (or lack of it) and his violent death. In this video, I introduce this man, look at the allegations made against him and examine the theories regarding his death in 1593.

I go into a bit more detail on Marlowe in my Claire Chats video on him.

See for the Doctor Faustus scene with Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor.

You can also see a performance of Doctor Faustus at Shakespeare’s Globe at

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  1. R

    Of course you know he was the real William Shakespeare even though he was killed before most of the Bard’s plays were published.

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26 February – Christopher Marlowe