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15th and 16th Century Rulers Quiz

You may know all about the Tudor dynasty, but how much do you know about the monarchs and popes of 15th and 16th century Europe?

15th and 16th Century Rulers

Q1) Who was King of France when Henry VII won the Battle of Bosworth in August 1485?

Louis XII

Francis I

Charles VIII

Louis XI

Q2) And who was Pope in August 1485?

Alexander VI

Adrian VI

Leo X

Innocent VIII

Q3) How many different popes were there during the reign of Henry VII?





Q4) In which year did Charles I of Spain become Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor?





Q5) And who was Charles V's predecessor?

Ferdinand I

Frederick III

Maximilian I

Maximilian II

Q6) In which year did Isabella I of Castile marry Ferdinand II of Aragon?





Q7) Who succeeded Isabella and Ferdinand to the thrones of Castile and Aragon?


Charles I

Philip II

Henry IV

Q8) In which year did Francis I become king of France?





Q9) Anne of Brittany was consort to two French kings, Louis XII and .......

Charles VIII

Francis I

Louis XI

Charles VII

Q10) Which pope died from eating a death cap mushroom?

Innocent VIII

Julius II

Clement VII

Alexander VI

Q11) Who was on the French throne when Elizabeth I died in 1603?

Henry IV

Francis II

Henry III

Charles X

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  1. D

    Arg! All those pesky year date questions! I hate year date questions, especially when you bunch all the dates together so intelligent guessing is not a saving throw. Why can’t you ask something that I know a lot about like the common fluxes for smelting silver and gold in the Renaissance or who was the Grand Master of the the Order of St. John during the first Siege of Rhodes or the names of the gates through the Medieval walls of the City of Vienna? But NO, just more of those Pesky year date questions, miserable sniveling pesky year date questions… Humph! 😉

    1. C - Post Author


  2. e

    Well, definitely time to read up on other rulers, I did APPALLINGLY….much ashamed, but dates do me in every time!!!!!!!

  3. R

    Dates are just a question of memory. 11/11

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15th and 16th Century Rulers Quiz