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15 July – The tide turns from Jane to Mary

This day in Tudor history, 15th July 1553, was a key point in the events of summer 1553. For it was on this day that royal ships, ships that were supposed to be Queen Jane's and who were guarding the coast off East Anglia to stop Mary fleeing England or any of her supporter invading England, swapped sides and gave declared for Queen Mary. Oh dear!

I explain the context, the lead-up to this day, and also what happened to make the crews of these ships swap sides.

Also on this day in history:

  • 1497 – Birth of William Neville, poet. He was the son of Richard Neville, 2nd Baron Latimer, and his wife, Anne (née Stafford). Neville was the author of the allegorical ‘The Castell of Pleasure’.
  • 1556 – Beginning of the trial of Julins Palmer, John Gwyn and Thomas Robyns, now known as the Newbury Martyrs. They were tried for sedition and heresy at St Nicholas Church, Newbury.
  • 1561 – Death of William Bill, Dean of Westminster, at Westminster. He was buried in St Benedict's chapel, Westminster Abbey. Bill's other offices included Master of St Johns College, Cambridge, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge, Master of Trinity College, Cambridge, and Provost of Eton College.
  • 1573 – Birth of Inigo Jones, architect and theatre designer, in London. Jones is known for his design of the Banqueting House, the Queen's House at Greenwich and his stage design work, in collaboration with Ben Jonson.
  • 1597 – Death of Sir Robert Dillon, lawyer, judge, Privy Councillor and Chief Justice of Common Pleas, at Riverston, County Meath, Ireland. He was buried in the parish church at Tara.

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  1. R

    The Lords and gentlemen support was vital as they provided the military support and commanded local loyalty but the navy defended the coast and could gain support abroad and even turn and fire on the Queen’s forces. They could now be used to capture Jane’s ships and the forces of Mary were greatly protected by the navy coming over to her. She now could more or less do as she pleased because she had the forces and the navy on her side. I don’t know if it’s still available but if you can find it on line or BBC i player the three part documentary series on Lady Jane Grey is fabulous, various experts explaining different events and points of view from major sources: very well worth a look at.

    1. M

      I just found the documentary on my Britbox! Thanks for recommending it, I will watch as soon as I’m finished Monarchy.

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15 July – The tide turns from Jane to Mary