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Which Tudor people would you invite to your dinner party?

We all have our favourite Tudor people, don't we? People we'd love to go back in time and meet or find out more about.

In this talk, I share which top 5 Tudor people I'd host a dinner party for, and explain why.

But which 5 Tudors would you want at your dream dinner party?

Please do share in the comments your top 5 Tudor people and why you'd invite them. It will be so interesting to read your choices.

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  1. J

    Anne Boleyn – because I’ve loved her as long as I’ve been fascinated by the Tudors.

    Elizabeth of York – what does she think happened to her brothers? How did she navigate the difficulties of being a Yorkist princess and then marrying a Lancastrian? Did she come to love her husband?

    Thomas More – he saw so much of the early Tudor period and I imagine he tells a great story. How did he feel about H8’s transformation as king? Why was he willing to lose his life to maintain the Pope as the head of the church?

    Catherine Howard – because I just finished “Young and Damned and Fair” by Gareth Russell and I just want to give her a hug and tell her that I’m sorry that she was put into the position that she was. She needed guidance and love and no one ever gave that to her.

    Henry 8 – because I think a major element of his reign and personality is found in his charisma; which must be seen to be understood.

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Which Tudor people would you invite to your dinner party?