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Welcome to Emma and Merel!

A warm welcome to Emma and Merel who are joining the Tudor Society team today for a 5-month apprenticeship as part of their Journalism degree. We are thrilled to have them on board, and you might remember them from the Mary, Queen of Scots video they produced for us back in 2019 - see below.

Here are their bios...

Emma Casson is 20 years old and lives in The Netherlands. Emma is a Journalism student at university and a fan of Tudor history. In the past, she has worked for a Dutch royalty magazine, where she wrote articles and made social media posts. At university, she has made her own magazine, written many articles and interviewed a lot of people. Back in 2019, she had a company with a group of friends and together they made a documentary on Mary Queen of Scots in Edinburgh for the Tudor Society. Her ambition for the future is to start her own company with her best friend, Merel de Klerk.

Merel de Klerk is 22 years old and lives in the Netherlands, where she is studying journalism in college. During her studies, she has had the opportunity to do some incredible things, such as making her own magazine and setting up her own company. With the company, she had the pleasure of making a documentary for the Tudor Society called "Mary Queen of Scots". She also did an internship at one of the biggest celebrity/fashion magazines in the Netherlands, where she got to interview Dutch celebrities and go on a press trip to London by herself for a musical. her future ambition is to start her own company together with her best friend, Emma Casson.

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Welcome to Emma and Merel!