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Tudor Society Open Weekend: 7-9 December 2018

They say that time flies when you're having fun and I can't quite believe that it's been over four years now since we started the Tudor Society. I enjoy every minute of running it! I'm glad to be able to play a part bringing Tudor history to people all over the world, connecting historians and authors to Tudor history lovers, and creating a community of Tudor history lovers. Thank YOU for being a part of this.

We want all Tudor history lovers to hear about the Tudor Society and we'd like for them to get to know what we do, so we've decided to have an "open weekend" - three days of allowing people to have a bit of a browse of the site and to learn more about the Tudor Society. Perhaps you have friends or family that would like to register for the open day. It is completely free, they just need to sign up at to register so that they can be given a log-in for that weekend. As a thank you for registering, they receive a free downloadable puzzle book (don't worry, they're puzzles from our archives so you haven't missed out!). From 7-9th December they'll be able to have a browse of the site and they'll also be able to enjoy a special bonus expert talk which will go live on the site on 7th December. It's about Catherine Howard and it's by historian and Tudor Life editor Gareth Russell. We also have a live chat on 8th December (11pm UK time) with Gareth, which members and open day people can access. It should be lots of fun.

Did you know that as a Tudor Society member you can register to be an affiliate? This means that you get rewarded for spreading the word about the Tudor Society when people you've told become members. It's our way of saying thank you to you. You can find out more and register at

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Tudor Society Open Weekend: 7-9 December 2018