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Tudor Rebels and Rebellions Quiz

How much do you know about Tudor rebels and rebellions?

Test your knowledge and get those brain cells working with this fun quiz.

Rebels and Rebellions

Q1) The Pilgrimage of Grace rebellion happened in 1536, but what did the rebels use as their emblem?

St George's Cross

The Jerusalem Cross

The Five Wounds of Christ

The Bible

Q2) In which county did the Pilgrimage of Grace start in October 1536?





Q3) Which battle ended the Cornish Rebellion of 1497?

Battle of Ancrum Moor

Battle of Blackheath

Battle of Carberry Hill

Battle of Dussindale

Q4) Essex Rebellion was a rebellion led by Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex, but in which year did it occur?





Q5) Lady Jane Grey was executed following her father's involvement in which rebellion?

Wyatt's Rebellion

Kett's Rebellion

Rising of the North

Prayer Book Rebellion

Q6) The Prayer Book Rebellion of 1549, against the Prayer Book and Edward VI's religious policies, is also known as ....

Northern Rebellion

Kett's Rebellion

The Pilgrimage of Grace

Western Rebellion

Q7) The Prayer Book rebellion was ended by which battle?

The Battle of Sampford Courtenay

The Battle of Clyst Heath

Battle of Clyst St Mary

Battle of Woodbury Common

Q8) What was the main aim of the Rising of the North or the Revolt of the Northern Earls in 1569?

To stop proposed heavy taxation.

To depose Elizabeth I

To remove Elizabeth I's main advisers

To halt the enclosure of common lands

Q9) In which part of England did Kett's Rebellion take place in 1549?


The Marches

The West Country

East Anglia

Q10) What relation to Thomas Wyatt the poet was the Thomas Wyatt who led Wyatt's Rebellion?





Q11) Who was planning to marry Mary, Queen of Scots, as part of the Rising of the North?

Charles Neville, 6th Earl of Westmorland

Thomas Howard, 4th Duke of Norfolk

Thomas Percy, 7th Earl of Northumberland

Leonard Dacre

Q12) Robert Aske became one of the leaders of the Pilgrimage of Grace Rebellion in 1536 - what was his occupation?





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Tudor Rebels and Rebellions Quiz