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Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk

This list includes the English royal family and nobility of the Tudor period, along with how they would be addressed. Do let me know if I have missed any by commenting below.


Here they are in order of importance:

Monarch - King or Queen

Queen Consort

King Consort

Philip of Spain was Mary I's King Consort from 1554 to 1558.

Queen Regent


“Your Royal Highness” then “Sir”/”Ma'am”.

Henry VII's children:

Henry VIII's legitimate children:

Lord Protector

Dukes of the Tudor Period (in alphabetical order)

Title: Duke, wife: Duchess
“Duke” comes from the Latin dux, “leader”.
Address: “Your Grace”, “Duke”/ “Your Grace”/”Duchess.
“Duke” is the highest non-royal title in the English peerage and the Duke of Norfolk is the premier Duke of England (except for any royal dukes).

Marquess (Marquis)

Title: Marquess, wife: Marchioness.
“My Lord”, “Your Lordship”; “My Lady”, “Your Ladyship”.
Marquess comes from the French “marquis” which is a derivative of “marche” or “march”, meaning boundary.


Title: Earl, wife: Countess.
“My Lord”, “Your Lordship”; “My Lady”, “Your Ladyship”.
Earl comes from the Anglo-Saxon “ealdorman”, a local ruler.


Title: Viscount, wife: Viscountess.
“My Lord”, “Your Lordship”; “My Lady”, “Your Ladyship”.
Viscount comes from the Latin vicecomes, vice-count.


Title: Baron, wife: Baroness.
“Baron” and “Baroness”, “My Lord”, “Madam”.
Baron comes from the Old Germanic word “baro” or freeman.

In the Tudor period, barons included Baron Hunsdon, Baron Rochford, Baron Burghley, Baron Seymour of Sudeley, Baron Audley, Baron Grey of Groby, Baron Dacre, Baron Lumley, Baron Mountjoy, Baron Grey of Powys, Baron Hungerford, Baron Daubeny, Baron Herbert of Raglan, Baron Conyers, Baron Monteagle, Baron Sandys of the Vine, Baron Vaux, Baron Mordaunt, Baron Rich, Baron Strange, Baron Stafford, and many many more. See for more.


“Sir”, “My Lady”.

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