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It's wonderful that Tudor history inspires novelists the way it does, and it's wonderful to meet our favourite historical characters in novels that bring them and their world to life, but how much do you know about historical novelists and their works?

Test yourself with this week's fun quiz...

Tudor Fiction

Q1) Which novelist wrote "The Queen's Fool" and "The Constant Princess"?

Alison Weir

Philippa Gregory

Jean Plaidy

Suzannah Funn

Q2) Hilary Mantel is known for her Thomas Cromwell series of novels, but how many times has she won the Booker Prize?




Three times

Q3) Alison Weir writes fiction and non-fiction, but who was the subject of her first novel, which was published in 2007?

Elizabeth I

Anne Boleyn

Catherine of Aragon

Lady Jane Grey

Q4) Who wrote "The Autobiography of Henry VIII: With Notes by His Fool, Will Somers"?

Margaret George

Jean Plaidy

Norah Lofts

Robin Maxwell

Q5) "The Other Boleyn Girl" famously focuses on Mary Boleyn, but the 1983 novel "The Last Boleyn" featured her first. Who wrote it?

Kate Emerson

Karen Harper

Jean Plaidy

Diane Haeger

Q6) Complete the title of this novel by Jean Plaidy: "Murder most......"

Murder Most Foul

Murder Most Horrid

Murder Most Royal

Murder Most Unladylike

Q7) True or false: Novelist Brandy Purdy is known as Emily Purdy in the UK?



Q8) C J Sansom's Shardlake series of novels are set in the Tudor period, but what is the first name of his character Shardlake?





Q9) What's different about Laura Anderson's "Boleyn Trilogy"?

They're alternate history

It's not a trilogy at all as she wrote a fourth book

They feature time travel

Anne Boleyn solves mysteries

Q10) Which of these pen names did novelist Eleanor Hibbert use?

Jean Plaidy

Victoria Holt

Eleanor Burford

All of the above

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Tudor Fiction Quiz