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Thomas Cromwell, Cardinal Wolsey and Wolf Hall

Thank you to Emilie and Nathaniel the dog for asking these excellent questions on Wolf Hall, and the relationship of Cardinal Thomas Wolsey and his servant, Thomas Cromwell.

Were the two men as close as they were shown in Wolf Hall?

How did Cromwell feel about Wolsey's fall?

I answer these questions and also explain the history behind a scene in Hilary Mantel's second novel in the series, Bring Up the Bodies, in which Cromwell vows revenge on those involved in Wolsey's fall and in mocking him.

Here are links to read Cavendish’s two volume biography of Wolsey:
Volume 1 - https://archive.org/details/lifecardinalwol01presgoog/
Volume 2 - https://archive.org/details/dli.granth.37226

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Thomas Cromwell, Cardinal Wolsey and Wolf Hall