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Thomas Boleyn Quiz

As Friday was the anniversary of the death of Thomas Boleyn, father of Anne Boleyn and grandfather of Elizabeth I, on 12th March 1539, I thought we'd test your knowledge on him.

How much do you know about this gifted diplomat and royal servant?

Find out in this fun quiz.


#1. Thomas Boleyn was Earl of Ormonde and this English county.

#2. Thomas's paternal family came from this county.

#3. Thomas Boleyn was married to this woman.

#4. Thomas Boleyn was made this in 1509.

#5. Thomas Boleyn had a wager with this person in 1513 regarding negotiations with the Empire.

#6. By 1521, Thomas Boleyn held this office.

#7. In 1536, Thomas Boleyn lost his office of Lord Privy Seal, who was appointed in his place?

#8. Following his wife's death in 1538, who was it rumoured that Thomas would marry?

#9. Where was Thomas laid to rest following his death on 12th March 1539?

#10. Who paid for masses to be said for Thomas Boleyn following his death?


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Thomas Boleyn Quiz