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The Men Behind the Throne: Tudor Statesmen – Online Event – Register Now

The Men Behind the Throne logoI've just opened registration for my forthcoming online event "The Men Behind the Throne: Tudor Statesmen"! There's an early bird discount until 31 May and our very first zoom call discussion, which is on Thomas Cromwell, is this Friday, 17th May!

In my interactive and completely online 11-day event, which starts properly on 30th June, I'll be joined by historians Dr Joanne Paul, Caroline Angus, Melita Thomas, Phil Roberts and Dr Hannah Coates. We'll be delving into the captivating lives of the Tudor statesmen who shaped England's history alongside iconic rulers like Henry VII, Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary I, and Elizabeth I.

Through video talks and zoom Q&A sessions with speakers - where you'll be video chatting with the historian! - you'll gain a fresh understanding of the roles and contributions of prominent Tudor statesmen, and insights into the political landscape of Tudor England, including court intrigues, power struggles, and the dynamics between monarchs and their advisors.

Explores the lives and careers of Cardinal Thomas Wolsey, Sir Thomas More, Thomas Cromwell, Edward Seymour, John Dudley, William Cecil, Robert Cecil, and Sir Francis Walsingham, as well as the men who helped Henry VII and Mary I govern.

See the full schedule and register now at

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The Men Behind the Throne: Tudor Statesmen – Online Event – Register Now