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The Intriguing Tradition of Proxy Weddings

Join me as I delve into the fascinating world of proxy weddings, from historical royal unions to modern-day ceremonies. Discover the story behind Marie de Guise and King James V of Scotland's proxy wedding, a common practice for diplomatic unions among European ruling houses.

Learn about notable proxy marriages throughout history, including Catherine of Aragon and Arthur Tudor, Margaret Tudor and King James IV of Scotland, and Princess Mary Tudor and King Louis XII of France. Uncover the unique customs and rituals associated with these proxy weddings, from symbolic gestures to mock consummations.

Explore how proxy weddings continue to have relevance today, with examples ranging from military marriages to innovative ceremonies during the pandemic. Discover the legal intricacies and surprising stories behind modern-day proxy weddings, including double proxy marriages in Montana and even a space wedding!

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The Intriguing Tradition of Proxy Weddings