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The Executed Queens Tour Day 5 – Tower of London

I started my day with a full Hever breakfast - yum! - before I joined the group on the coach with our loveable coach driver Alan and we made our way to London to visit the iconic Tower of London.

We were met at the Tower by our guide, Alice, who gave us a wonderful tour of the main exterior areas before we enjoyed some free time to have lunch and visit the parts of the Tower we wanted to see. Philippa and I went to the White Tower to say "hello" to our dear friend, warder Tara. We were delighted to find that the chapel there now allowed photography and that the same was true with the Chapel of St Peter ad Vincula - yay!

Philippa and I took the opportunity to do some Facebook Lives at the Tower, focusing on correcting some Anne Boleyn myths - you can see those on the British History Tours page and also my pages (Anne Boleyn Files and Tudor Society).

After a splendid day at the Tower, we headed home (yes, Hever is my home!) for a barbecue and a talk on our final executed queen, Catherine Howard, from the author of "Young and Damned and Fair" (the Catherine Howard Bible), Gareth Russell. The talk was fantastic, as were the questions from our group. We were also joined by castle supervisor Owen Emmerson, so there was an amazing amount of Tudor knowledge in the room!. We also spent time writing messages in each other's tour books as mementoes of this magical tour

Finally, it was time for a nightcap and some Tudor talk in the music room before bed - the perfect end to a perfect day!

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  1. P

    Sounds fantastic

  2. R

    Wonderful. Lovely to see Anne’s burial place.

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    Interesting place to visit

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The Executed Queens Tour Day 5 – Tower of London