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The Executed Queens Tour – Day 3 – Tutbury Castle

Today started off well, with yet another scrumptious breakfast at Brockencote Hall, and then it was time to set off to see Tutbury Castle.

One of our tour members admitted later that she hadn't been looking forward to this visit as she knew that the castle was in ruins and there wouldn't be much to see of the castle that Mary, Queen of Scots, knew during her four periods of imprisonment there, but this tour member ending up having a wonderful time. Let me tell you more.

After a buffet lunch, we had an audience with Mary, Queen of Scots, herself. Historian Lesley Smith, who actually runs the castle and who is incredibly passionate about the castle and its history, as well as women's history, gave us a talk in character as Mary. It was brilliant. She deserved an oscar. We were all blown away and it really humanised Mary. She then led us around the exhibition and showed us some wonderful artefacts. She deserved the enthusiastic round of applause we gave her - amazing!

We then had time to wander around the ruins before heading back to Brockencote.

The lady who had expressed her doubts about the day, talked about how she loved Tutbury because of the authenticity of its ruins, and I know just what she means. There is a big plan/picture in the exhibition to show you what it was like originally, but it just seems right that it has been left as a siege during the Civil War left it.

Our day ended with a delicious three course meal followed by a talk by yours truly on the two queens of 1553, and then a relaxing chat on the terrace with a glass of wine. It was lovely that a past tour member, Jodee, was able to join us for dinner tonight too! Honestly, true friendships are made on these tours.

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    Looks and sounds amazing!!

  2. J

    This tour looks incredible!! I hope they do another executed queens tour or queens tour.

  3. R

    Sounds amazing!! Leasly looks amazing!

  4. L

    Looks really interesting

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    A character presentation sounds wonderful.

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The Executed Queens Tour – Day 3 – Tutbury Castle