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The Children of Plantagent and Tudor Monarchs Quiz

Test your knowledge on the offspring of the Plantagenet and Tudor monarchs with this fun quiz.

The children of Plantagenet and Tudor Monarchs

Q1) Whose son was known as Edward of Middleham?

Edward IV's

Henry VII's

Richard III's

Henry VI's

Q2) How many children is Richard III thought to have fathered?





Q3) Henry VIII's father was Henry VII, but who was his mother?

Elizabeth Woodville

Margaret Beaufort

Margaret of Anjou

Elizabeth of York

Q4) Who were the parents of George Plantagenet, Duke of Bedford?

Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville

Richard, Duke of York, and Cecily Neville

Henry VI and Margaret of Anjou

Henry V and Catherine of Valois

Q5) Who was the father of Arthur, 1st Viscount Lisle, Lord Deputy of Calais?

Henry VII

Edward IV

Henry VIII

Henry VI

Q6) At which battle was Edward of Westminster, son of Henry VI, killed?





Q7) Who was the first husband of Margaret Tudor, daughter of Henry VII?

James IV of Scotland

James V of Scotland

Louis XII of France

Archibald Douglas

Q8) How many times did Margaret Tudor get married?


Four times

Three times


Q9) Henry VIII was the eldest son of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York...



Q10) Who was the mother of Henry, Duke of Cornwall, who lived for just fifty-two days?

Anne Boleyn

Catherine of Aragon

Elizabeth of York

Anne Neville

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The Children of Plantagent and Tudor Monarchs Quiz