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Teasel’s Tudor Trivia – Shrove Tuesday

Today is Shrove Tuesday, so Teasel and I thought we'd take the opportunity to tell you all about Shrovetide - Shrove Sunday, Collop Monday and Shrove Tuesday - and how it was celebrated in Tudor times.

And here is Tim's Tudor Pancakes video

Book Recommendations - "Stations of the Sun" by Ronald Hutton, which is excellent on traditions and rituals throughout history, and "Pleasures and Pastimes in Tudor England" by Alison Sim.

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  1. M

    I just put plain maple syrup on mine, though I say I’m intrigued by the lemon and sugar. Claire, Teasel is just so adorable!! Thanks for the very informative video. And I do enjoyed the chat last night! Thanks again. Michelle t

    1. C - Post Author

      Lemon and sugar is the British traditional topping and is scrummy.

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Teasel’s Tudor Trivia – Shrove Tuesday