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Tales from the Green Valley documentary

One of my all-time favourite history programmes is the 12-part series "Tales from the Green Valley" which was aired back in 2004. It was the fore-runner of the popular Victorian Farm/Edwardian Farm/Tudor Monastery Farm series and featured Ruth Goodman, Alex Langlands, Peter Ginn and other historians and archaeologists living as rural people would have done in the early Stuart period. It really is a wonderful series (I have it on DVD) and I just found this playlist of all 12 episodes on YouTube - let me know if the link doesn't work as these things do tend to get taken off YouTube.

What Tim and I found funny when we watched the DVD after moving to rural Spain (we are very rural, a little white pueblo up a mountain with a very small population) was that life here is not so different to life in the Stuart times in England and Wales. We have the best of both worlds here: modern conveniences but a real link to the past with the seasonal way of life, religious feast days and the agricultural calendar.

Anyway, enjoy these programmes!

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  1. R

    Thanks, seems to work. I have never seen this one, although I have watched several others by Ruth and her team. I will be watching all this week. Thanks very much for this information and link.

  2. S

    Ooh thanks for this!! I love all the Farm Series that they did. I’d heard of this one of but have never seen it. I came on to watch one episode and ended up watching four!! will watch more tomorrow… love it so much. I wish I could travel back in time. I have to say life seemed much more rewarding back then. Yes, it was really hard physical work, but it must have been so satisfying at the end of the day.
    I really loved their Tudor Feast Series too which was filmed at Haddon Hall. I recently found a link for it.

  3. S

    Oops! Sorry, I didn’t think it would put the actual video up! I thought it would just type the link. Apologies if I have done wrong!

    1. C - Post Author

      Don’t worry, that’s fine and thank you for sharing it.

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Tales from the Green Valley documentary