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Swordfighting Video

Today, instead of a Claire Chats video we have a "Tim Chats" video. While Tim and I were on holiday with our children in the UK we caught up with our godson Ben Crossley who is an actor and who has been studying acting and stage combat. We persuaded him to share some of his 'moves' and knowledge, but he wants us to point out that he's not an expert or historian, he's an actor and combat enthusiast. He's read up on Renaissance and 16th century swordsmanship but obviously more from the perspective of acting it out on stage or in film, rather than a historical perspective. It was great fun watching him teach our son Christian and then Tim. I just watched! Tim and Christian ached the next day!

I hope you enjoy this fun video and when you see Ben in movies in a few years time then you can think to yourself that you saw him here first!

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  1. C

    I enjoyed this. I must show it to my daughter (an aspiring actress in a fledgling theatre company) when she is next home.

  2. A

    Just like John Wayne…haha. Love it! This was a great video, thanks for sharing!
    (BTW, nice Police shirt Tim!)

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Swordfighting Video