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sky newsTudor Society members - please wish our member Catherine a huge "Good luck" with her interview tomorrow (Friday) with Sky News at Leicester Cathedral. Sky News are building up to the re-interment of Richard III and wanted to interview a member of our society.

So - please comment below with your words of encouragement for Catherine! Thank you so much!

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  1. Admin Tim / Post Author

    Good luck Catherine!

  2. David Herd /

    Good luck. Will you be wearing the T Shirt 🙂

  3. Melanie Taylor /

    Catherine, great stuff. Remember take a deep breath and that you know more than the interviewer. We shall all be sending you our supportive vibes. Break a leg! (for those who don’t know – it’s an old stage way of wishing someone good luck which is considered to be bad luck if you say good luck!!!).

  4. James Mewborn /

    Catherine, congratulations and thanks for volunteering! I’m jealous that you’ll be in Leicester and have the opportunity to be a part of the events honoring Richard III this week! I hope you can relax, enjoy the interview, and enjoy your time in Leicester! Good luck!

  5. Michelle Nasello /

    Congratulations Catherine, all the best and I know you will make us proud!

  6. Audrey van Gent /

    Go go Catherine! I will light a candle around the time of the interview. I don’t know if it is a habit in other countries but in the Netherlands “they say” it will bring you all the luck in the world.

  7. Sharon Conrad /

    Congratulations Catherine. We will all be thinking of you.

  8. Sandra Vasoli /

    Go Catherine!!! You will be fabulous and everyone will want to join the Tudor Society when they see what wonderful, smart people are members! Can’t wait to see the interview!

  9. Doc Clark /

    I’m sure you’ll go great, Catherine!

    Any chance we might be able to get a video clip of the interview for those of us who don’t have a direct link into the bbc over here on the other side of the Atlantic pond?

  10. Beth von Staats /

    Congratulations Catherine!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be thinking of you!

  11. Claire Ridgway /

    Good luck Catherine! We’ll be thinking of you!

  12. Lorna Wanstall /

    Good Luck Catherine..

  13. Catherine Brooks /

    Thank you so much everyone! Excited and nervous! Almost there now.
    Have bought my friend Clare with me for moral support and photographs. Will get what I can!

  14. Suzie Larochelle /

    Good luck Catherine. I’m sure it will be quite the experience . . . enjoy yourself. Can’t wait to hear how it went and to see pictures 🙂

  15. Catherine Brooks /

    Hi everyone,
    I think it went OK!
    The journalist who did the interview would like it to go out with all their coverage of events on Sunday, but I suppose it depends how much material they have. But whatever they do with it, she will let us know.
    My friend Clare came along and took some pictures, and I will send some in once she has uploaded them and emailed them across to me.
    I tried to look knowledgeable and diplomatic – I hope it paid off!
    I feel so lucky to have been able to do this – it truly has been one of the highlights of my life. Thank you all for your kind comments and support.
    Catherine xx

    1. Melanie Taylor /

      Fabulous stuff Catherine. I’m glad you enjoyed the process. I’ll be glued to the TV on Sunday and look forward to the photos too.

      1. Catherine Brooks /

        Thank you, Melanie.
        This was a wonderful experience and I’m more grateful to have had it than I can say. I hope I did you all proud! I tried to sound intelligent and fair – whether that worked out is another matter!

        1. Melanie Taylor /

          Catherine, how long did it take for the adrenalin rush to wear off? It took me about 5 hours to come down from a 3 minute interview! the buzz was fantastic, but I wish I hadn’t waved my arms around like a windmill — too much enthusiasm for my subject!

          I do hope you had the interviewer all to yourself.

          I know you will have done us all proud. Can’t wait to see the photos.

          1. Catherine Brooks /

            Hi Melanie!
            I still can’t quite believe I’ve done it! But by the time we’d had lunch, and then got home, reality was starting to return – pants!!!
            I’m not sure how long it went on for. I had to walk around the statue of Richard looking thoughtful about 12 times! I felt like a right twit!
            I did have her all to myself – mainly because the lady from the Richard III Society refused to be interviewed at the same time. So it was quite relaxed and luckily, the camera wasn’t intrusive at all.
            I think I did a fair bit of hand waving! And when I was talking about Richard, I kept looking back at the statue! I’m not sure I was meant for television!

          2. Melanie Taylor /

            Catherine, it sounds as if you were made for TV. Just think of the walking as being part of the exercise regime!

            As for the person from the Richard III Society, that was a big mistake on her part. Sky clearly wanted an informed discussion between the pair of you. Either she had a fit of stage fright, or maybe she thought it would be a confrontation of Tudor -v- Plantagenet. Do you know if Sky were going to do a piece with her? If so, they may cut it as if it were a discussion. It is great you got the camera all to yourself and I hope they keep it as a single interview

            What was it Warhol said – everyone has 15 mins of fame? This reinterment has sparked a massive interest worldwide. Today you will be seen by all those who subscribe to SkyArts (aren’t these more than several zero’s in number).

            WELL DONE.

          3. Catherine Brooks /

            When I got there, she was just finishing the interview with the RIII lady, who left straight away. The journalist did say that she said she didn’t want to be interviewed with me as she knew the journalist wanted an argument.
            Well, you have to sort of expect that from journalists! But then you can also make the decision not to give it to them. I think I quietly infuriated her by sitting on the fence a couple of times! But I spoke with Tim beforehand and we both agreed that this is Ruchard’s moment and the war is over! This is simply just amazing history, and I wasn’t there to ‘Richard bash’, or shout ‘Ha ha, remember Bosworth!’. I thought I was quite generous about him!
            I agree that she’ll try and mix the two. I’m certain she basically asked is the same questions. She made a big point about the Princes in the Tower! She also asked about if I thought Henry Tudor had been forgotten. I think I was meant to say yes and the other lady was probably meant to get cross about it. Who knows?! But it’ll be interesting to see hers too!

          4. Melanie Taylor /

            What a weird question about Henry Tudor! Clearly the trigger point, but it does bring into question as to what level of knowledge the audience is assumed to have. It sounds as if you enjoyed dodging the inflammatory darts. Can’t wait to see the final piece.

    2. Olga Hughes /

      Well done Catherine, thanks for representing us!

      1. Catherine Brooks /

        Thank you Olga. I felt very honoured to do so!

  16. James Mewborn /

    Great work Catherine!! I’ll bet you did a great job! I look forward to seeing the photos and hope to be able to see the video in the U.S.

    1. Catherine Brooks /

      Thank you James.
      I keep thinking of things I wish I’d said! I hope you will all be pleased with what I did say and that I represented the Society well.

  17. Audrey van Gent /

    Hi Catherine, I know exactly how that works! You lay in your bed and you keep replaying the interview over and over again. But, what’s done is done and I am certain you did a great job!! For one thing you had the courage to do it in the first place, so a big compliment to you!

    1. Catherine Brooks /

      Thank you! I must admit, the thought of it was rather terrifying! The journalist was quite reassuring though (part of her job I suppose!), and it was very relaxed. I surprised myself a little that I wasnt a quivering wreck!

  18. Catherine Brooks /

    Hi everyone,

    Apparently it went out early today. Did anyone see it? A friend mentioned to me on Facebook that she caught a little bit.

    The journalist said she’s not sure whether or not she can get a link for us to see it. I’m going to be really gutted if not.

    1. James Mewborn /

      I didn’t see it on Sunday. I looked around on Sky News and elsewhere on the internet and couldn’t find an archived copy of the interview. I’m sure Sky News must save everything that is broadcast, so perhaps the reporter who interviewed you can provide information as to how you could get an electronic copy – – even if it’s not on the internet. Just a thought anyway. Good luck.

      1. Claire Ridgway /

        We watched most of the Sky coverage, even though it had me ranting at the TV at times, but missed Catherine so I’m really hoping that the journalist gives us a link or a copy of the interview.

      2. Admin Tim / Post Author

        I’ve followed up with the Journalist, but have yet to hear back from her … I suspect she is very busy with all the Richard news at the moment.

  19. Sharon Conrad /

    Catherine, I’m glad it went well for you. I hope we do get to see it.

  20. Melanie Taylor /

    Well, Channel 4 got the confrontation. Starkey was so rude! Helen Castor was fabulous and so serene.

    Claire, take a deep breath. I didn’t see the Sky coverage, however, this is a mass retro-guilt trip and at least the public are engaging with history, which has to be good. My medieval history group in Harrow are taking the middle ground, but some of the women believe that the mind behind the Princes in the Tower disappearance is feminine! They are divided between Anne Neville & Margaret Beaufort . . .

    I’m breathing deeply too. See you in Paris.

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