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September’s Expert Talk – Gareth Russell on the End of the Tudor Era

Back by popular demand, historian and author Gareth Russell is our September speaker. Gareth is the author of A History of the English Monarchy,An Illustrated Introduction to the Tudors and The Emperors: How Europe's Greatest Rulers Were Destroyed by World War I, and he is currently working on a biography of Catherine Howard, Henry VIII's fifth wife. He is a wonderful speaker and we've enjoyed hosting him here before.

Gareth's live chat will be taking place on the Tudor Society chatroom on Friday 18th September at midnight UK time (or rather 12am Saturday morning if you're being completely accurate!). It works out as:

  • 1am on Saturday 19th Central European time
  • 7pm on Friday 18th New York time
  • 4pm Friday 18th Los Angeles time
  • 9am on Saturday 19th Sydney time

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  1. L

    Wonderful news, will be glad to see Gareth again.
    How well I remember his first postings on our big sister site, and I hope that our varied opinions helped him with his studies.

  2. S

    Darn it. I will be on vacation, but I will certainly try to make it. WIFI is hard to get sometimes at the lake. Gareth is such a wonderful guest.

  3. L

    Great summary and insights around this era! I find it especially interesting how not long after James I became king, that they already began looking back at Elizabeth’s reign as being a much happier time..

  4. c

    Really enjoyed Gareth’s talk. It is interesting to see how the two monarchs compare thank you Clare for this

    1. C - Post Author

      Gareth’s a brilliant speaker, isn’t he? I could listen to him all day!

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September’s Expert Talk – Gareth Russell on the End of the Tudor Era