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Rushton Triangular Lodge – Roving Reporter

Philippa Lacey Brewell, our roving reporter has gone to a fascinating Elizabethan building this month, one which is packed with secret messages, puzzles and clues - but what does it all mean? Philippa explains all!

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  1. M

    Great video! Really interesting. Thanks for taking the time to visit the estate and filming, and explaining the symbolism. It’s really beautiful. Michelle t

  2. G

    Very interesting. I had never heard of this place before. Mr. Tresham (sp?) was apparently a very creative lover of puzzles. A very imaginative way to hide in plain sight, so to speak. Really shows how important faith was to people of the time, even when it was the”wrong” brand of faith. Thank you for the tour and explanation.

  3. R

    Thanks, Philippa, one of my favourite roving reports to date, very interesting. Thomas Tresham was a genius designing all of this and so many holy symbols into his lodge. These were dangerous times and he took a great risk, as of course did Father Campion who was executed for his faith. Thanks for bringing this interesting building to life.

  4. B

    Very interesting – there is a load of Alchemical meaning as well that is encoded. Tresham and John Dee moved in the same circles of court and it is possible and likely that Tresham took an interest in Alchemy. Europe was experiencing the renaissance and new and alternative ways of thinking. When you look at what the building also conveys is symbolic meaning and could also be used as a temple of initiation. Tresham being the builder – but I think he also had some help in the design. There is a lot more going on there than meets the eye! – sacred geometry / astrology / esoteric thought.

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Rushton Triangular Lodge – Roving Reporter