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Resources for Tudor trials

My work for the Tudor Society, book research and research for my "on this day" videos often has me researching the legal cases of Tudor people, from looking at indictments ro records of their actual trials. It is fascinating and it's wonderful that we have so many resources freely available.

John Foxe's "Acts and Monuments":

Bishop Challoner's "Memoirs of missionary priests, and other Catholics of both sexes, that have suffered death in England on religious accounts from the year 1577 to 1684":

John Hungerford Pollen’s "Acts of English martyrs hitherto unpublished":

"A Complete Collection of State Trials and Proceedings for High Treason and other crimes and misdemeanours, commencing with the eleventh year of the reign of King Richard II and ending with the sixteenth year of the reign of King George III" edited by Francis Hargrave:

"Cobbett's complete collection of state trials and proceedings for high treason, and other crimes and misdemeanor from the earliest period to the present time, i.e. from the ninth year of the reign of King Henry, the Second, A.D.1163, to George IV, A.D.1820":

Sollom Emlyn’s "A complete collection of state-trials and proceedings for high-treason : and other crimes and misdemeanors; from the reign of King Richard II. to the reign of King George I":

J W Willis-Bund’s "A selection of cases from the state trials": – this covers 1327-1660

"A history of the criminal law of England" by Sir James Fitzjames Stephen:

"Reports of Cases in the Reigns of Hen. VIII, Edw. VI, Q. Mary and Q Elizabeth taken and collected by Sir James Dyer:

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  1. R

    Claire, thanks as always for these wonderful links and resources, much appreciated.

    Do you use Documents from every major trial going with analysis?

    Its really detailed.

    1. C - Post Author

      Oooh, I don’t know that one, thank you!

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Resources for Tudor trials