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Reading Tudor Sources

In today's Claire Chats I share some of my top tips for 'decoding' and understanding Tudor primary sources. I really do hope that this video helps you with your research and reading.

David and Ben Crystal's excellent video on "OP", original pronunciation:

See their website at http://originalpronunciation.com/

The National Archives tutorials on Reading Old Documents can be found at http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/help-with-your-research/reading-old-documents/.

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  1. L /

    Never thought much about old English but you defenetly gave me something to think about. Very informative video

  2. K /

    Thank you so much for your latest chat about trying to read 16th century english. I have also struggled with it. I’m anxious to go to The national archives to get even more information about Shakespeare and Latin. Thank you. Kathy swartz

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Reading Tudor Sources