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Prayer Book Rebellion Quiz

This week's Sunday quiz is on a Tudor rebellion, the Prayer Book Rebellion. How much do you know about this rebellion? Test your knowledge with this little quiz. Good luck!

Prayer Book Rebellion Quiz

Q1) In which year did the Prayer Book Rebellion take place?





Q2) Where did the rebellion take place?

The south-west

The Welsh Marches


East Anglia

Q3) Which act of Parliament established the Book of Common Prayer as the sole legal form of worship in England in 1549?

The Religious Houses Act

The Statute of the Six Articles

The Act of Supremacy

The Act of Uniformity

Q4) Why did people in the south-west have a problem with the new Book of Common Prayer? Tick all that apply.

They were used to hearing services in Latin

Each parish had to pay for the book and this was an area of poverty

They had devised their own book

In Cornwall, many people spoke Cornish, not English

Q5) Where did the rebels decide to besiege in July 1549?





Q6) Which of these were battles in the Prayer Book Rebellion? Tick all that apply.

Battle of Fenny Bridges

Battle of Woodbury Common

Battle of Clyst St Mary

Battle of Sampford Courtenay

Q7) True or false: John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland, was the main leader of the Crown's forces against the rebels?



Q8) True or false: The Crown's forces were partly made up of French mercenaries?



Q9) How old was John Russell when he led the Crown forces against the rebels in 1549?

About 64

About 45

About 55

About 37

Q10) Which of these men was one of the leaders of the rebels of the Prayer Book Rebellion?

Robert Kett

Sir Humphrey Arundell

Michael an Goff

William Francis

Q11) Which battle ended the rebellion?

Battle of Exeter

Battle of Clyst St Mary

Battle of Samford Courtenay

Battle of Clyst Heath

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Prayer Book Rebellion Quiz