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#OTD in Tudor history – 18 February

On this day in Tudor history, 18th February, The future Henry VIII was made Prince of Wales, Catherine of Aragon gave birth to a healthy daughter who'd become Mary I, the Duke of Guise was fatally wounded by a Huguenot assassin, and Ridolfi Plot creator Roberto di Ridolfi died a natural death in Florence...

  • 1503 – Prince Henry, the future Henry VIII, was created Prince of Wales.
  • 1516 - Birth of Mary I, daughter of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon, at Greenwich Palace. See video below.
  • 1558 – Death of Sir George Barne, former Alderman and Lord Mayor of London. He was buried at St Bartholomew by the Exchange, London.

  • 1561 – Death of Sir Thomas Denys, administrator. His offices included Comptroller to Princess Mary, Chancellor of Anne of Cleves' household, member of Parliament for Devon, Sheriff of Devon and Deputy Lieutenant of Devon and Cornwall.
  • 1563 – Francis, Duke of Guise, was wounded by a Huguenot assassin. He died six days later. Click here to read more.
  • 1612 – Death of Roberto di Ridolfi, the merchant and conspirator famed for the Ridolfi Plot to assassinate Elizabeth I. He died in Florence, Italy.

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#OTD in Tudor history – 18 February